The Project


The Testaments of Honour Historical Archive was created in 1999 to chronicle on digital video first-hand accounts of WW2 veterans. We believe that these remarkable first-person testaments provide a richer, deeper understanding of Canadian history. It’s not just what these veterans had to say about their experiences, but the way in which they said it and what their faces reveal. We believe there is no more compelling way to connect with this history than to have its participants and witnesses talk to us and say, “This is what happened to me.”


Almost all of them are gone now. But through the Testaments Archive, these men and women will continue to connect with future generations, and share their experiences as first-hand witnesses of World War 2 as it erupted around them. There is much more to be discovered here than a record of names, places, dates, and numbers. These are up close and personal accounts of events that changed the world. Theirs is the singular ‘stuff’ of everyday lives that formed the fabric of our history. Welcome.


Digital Historian Project